DAKWAH MULTIKULTURAL (Studi Alternatif Dakwah di Era Globalisasi)

Pardianto Pardianto


Scientific Paper discusses about Multicultural Da'wah (Da'wah Alternative Studies in the Era of
Globalization). Through the medium of text approach by using discourse analysis, there are three
issues are discussed, namely; 1) What is the essence of Da'wah. 2) How to present a Multicultural
Da'wah. 3) How Multicultural Da'wah in the Era of Globalization
This paper argues that; First, Da'wah not only in the form of discourse (bil-lisan) but also can be
applied in social practice (bil-hal). Secondly, Da'wah multicultural bring to all mankind without
distinction of ethnicity, race, gender to practice the teachings of Islam. Third, Muslims must be
able to master and utilize information technology development. The use of information technology
to open the eyes of the world will be a new world, a new interaction to show the truth of Islamic

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