A Rahmania Abidin


This paper is a critical reflection on the complexity of the problem of school libraries in general in Indonesia
in dealing with the challenges of a globalized world. The biggest challenge in the era of globalization is the
development of society must be in tune with technological advances that followed thoroughly. But there are
still many people who are less concerned about the development of the information. It is therefore necessary
to have the information literacy movement that improve the literacy skills of information on these circles
while maintaining the quality of information literal intellectuals. Information literacy as a librarian position
movement as an "agent" in preparing literacy literate generation information. Librarians, school librarians in
this case, lead customer (students) to select and specify the information that is most needed by priority. The
position is of course very difficult and requires expertise that besides librarians must have an understanding
of the importance of information literacy should also continuously improve the quality of its resources.
Library staff must have the ability to teach, constantly update knowledge (willingness to learn) and have the
practical ability and always seek to follow the development of information literacy. Quality is not only
limited in the ability to master knowledge, but also able to understand the role and the changes that occur
quickly. With advances in information technology will change the role of librarians. Librarians can run his
new role but does not have to leave the role kepustakawanannya. These skills can be acquired through the
teaching of information literacy skills. All skills are part of the responsibility of librarians in schools.

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