Etos Kerja Dalam Islam

Binti Nur Aisyah


This paper aims to produce a description of the work ethic in Islam. This theme is motivated by the phenomenon of mu'amalah for the fulfillment of family needs, requires a value, encouragement so that it produces maximum output and does not harm others.
This paper is written with a qualitative approach with descriptive type. A qualitative approach to describe the literacy of the work ethic with Islamic norms. Descriptive type to describe in detail related to the phenomenon of the Islamic work ethic in society from various studies.
The results of this paper include; Islamic work ethic is an attitude that arises from the reflection of divine values, in the form of an attitude of cooperation, not mutual harm, deliberation in its achievement, etc. which affects one's work and performance so as to get the blessing of Allah SWT. The work ethic of Islam is manifested in various attitudes; Discipline, sincerity, honesty, commitment, istiqomah, self-control, creative, responsible, serving, dignified, leadership values, far-sighted, efficient, entrepreneur, competitive, independent, learning, inspiration, health, strong and unyielding, productive communicate, change. The phenomenon shows that Muslim entrepreneurs in general have an Islamic working relationship, good values, hard work, honest, true, fair and wise. This paper is useful for the development and achievement of the needs of the community that is just and towards his approval.
Keywords: Ethos work, Islam


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