Author Guidelines

AL-ILTIZAM JOURNAL WRITING RULES Writing a maximum of 24 syllable titles including conjunctions Abstracts are written in two languages, namely Indonesian and English with a maximum length of 150 syllables. Keywords maximal two syllables with provisions for Indonesian abstract keywords written in bold and for English abstract keywords written in italics without being bold. Articles are written with the letters times new romance spaced 1.5 with margin margins (3 top, 3 bottom, 3 left and right) on A4 paper. For writing the identity of the author include: names without titles, jobs, instructions, cellphone numbers, and E-mail addresses: examples Saddam Hussein, Lecturer in Islamic Education Study Program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training at IAIN Ambon, E-mail: The article writing section for the research results includes: abstract, introduction, research methods, research results, discussions, conclusions, suggestions, and bibliography The article writing section in the form of a paper includes: abstract, introduction, discussion, conclusion, suggestion, and bibliography Library citations in the form of in notes, not foot notes For the bibliography list, it is not permissible to use a library from blocks or google, but the literature in the form of PDFs, books, and journals. Posts entered with a 50% error will be returned to the owner for repair free of charge in the process of submitting articles Issuance of AL-ILTIZAM journals twice a year in June and December and on-line with the website address:


There are no fees for authors to submit, process, and publish articles. As writers, readers can read or download full-text journal articles for free