Usaha Meningkatkan Konsep Diri yang Positif Siswa Kelas XII TKJ 2 SMKN 2 Pinrang Melalui Konseling Peer Group

Dahlia Haruna


The objectives of this research are (i) to improve the ability of
forming positive self concept on the students of class XII TKJ 2 SMK
Negeri 2 Pinrang, (ii) students able to improve positive self concept after
guidance and counseling process through peer group counseling. This
research is guidance and counseling research. This research uses
Kemmis and Mc Taggart model which consist of four stages: (i) planning,
(ii) Action, (iii) Observation, (iv) Reflection (reflection). The subjects of the
research are the students of class XII TKJ 2 SMK Negeri 2 Pinrang. Data
were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The results showed that: (i) the
application of peer group counseling in the process of guidance and
counseling services can improve students' positive self concept in the
students of class XII TKJ 2 SMK Negeri 2 Pinrang in the first cycle by
8.66% and increase again by 11.46 % after the second cycle of action,
and (ii) through the application of peer group counseling, trained and
skilled students to work with friends in solving problems.

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