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khwan ash-Shafa is a bevy of peripatetic secret in the field of
science field. As according to its the name Ikhwan ash-Shafa means "holy
brotherhood and cleanness". Main ground of this bevy is candid and
heartfelt brotherhood holy folk. Secrecy of this group, also names their
x'self khulan al-wafa ' ahl adl and abna new al-hamd is expressed after in
command of Dinasti Buwaiha, is understanding Syiah in Baghdad in the
year 983 M. Ikhwan this ash-Shafa result masterpiece writes 52 brochures
which they name Rasa'il Ikhwan As-Shafa'. He was popular Ensiklopedia
about science and philosophy of the at that time. Evaluated from the angle
of content, this Rasa'il earns in classification to become four areas that is,
Mathematics, Physics and Natural philosophy, Psychology and Deism.
Education concept of Ikhwan As-Shafa is more emphasizing atly the
relation of spirituality. What studied shall practiced by the members. All
attention in education must be aimed at adolescent because adolescent is
susceptible age which if is not handled correctly will bring unfavourable
impact, but if handled correctly, hence will bear good router generations
and tough. Therefore, becomes basic thing for the adolescents paid
attention to be guided and educated towards which are positive because
they are router for taking place a nation and state. If when smart
adolescent and tough, hence the taft state and nation and respected by
state and other nations. By his its is in consequence is required the ready
teachers to guide, educates and trains the the generations. Teacher
intended is teacher which can inherit my values and prila examplizeed by
Rasulullah Saw.

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