Muhamad Ikhwan Lukmanudin


This study proves that conjugal contact during pregnancy is allowed in the medical side as long as it does not pose a risk to maternal and fetal health, this is in line with Islamic principles that allow intercourse during pregnancy. This theory is in line with the opinions of Sandra Nakić Radoša (2015), Charles P. Vega (2013) and Anne Katz (2010) they argue that the jimā 'in pregnant women provides greater benefits than the side effects. This theory is inconsistent with the opinions of Shaun M Khedun (2011), Leah Millheiser (2012) and Hatice Yıldıza (2015) argue that jimā 'in pregnant women has more side effects than benefits. This research is quantitative based on empirical data, then quantitative medical data is analyzed through qualitative approach based on bibliography, thus yielding conclusion from Islamic sharia perspective. Primary data source in the form of medical check up of pregnant women in the form of tension, HB level, pulse rate, temperature, respiration and general condition, while secondary data source is result of interview to patient and cleric. Facts in the form of results of health checks of pregnant women Muslimah obtained then analyzed using measuring instruments Blood Pressure Tensimeter, Hb Sahli (Haemometer), Respirometer, and Digital Thermometer. While the interview data is used to support the health examination result data. The first step taken in this study is the patient sexual activity interview, aims to ensure that the samples used in this study really routinely perform sexual activity during pregnancy. The second step done in this study is the interviews of the complaints felt by the patient. Based on the results of the study of 42 samples showed that 2 patients sometimes feel a little pain, 1 patient had a little dizziness and 39 others did not complain of pain. The third step taken in this study is a vital health examination. Based on the results of the examination showed that all samples examined have normal range values and the conclusion is in good and healthy condition.

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